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People-Friendly Backup for Enterprise



Let’s face it. Users store business data on laptops and desktops, even if they’re not supposed to. And mission-critical data—including sensitive, executive-level information—exists exclusively on these endpoint devices.

If your company isn’t protecting this data—or relies on inadequate methods to do so—it risks a data loss incident at any given moment. In fact, industry surveys estimate that more than half of critical corporate data resides on unprotected desktops and laptops.

Today’s organizations need to know information living on their desktops and laptops is protected and secure. They need to know data can be quickly and easily recovered whenever needed.



Engineered for laptops, CrashPlan PROe works quietly in the background on all laptops and desktops, so while CrashPlan does its work, you can do yours.  Most users never even notice it's there.  But when they need a file restored, they're happy to know that the easy-to-use interface allows them to restore files quickly on their own.  Going beyong all the traditional security measures you'd expect (like 448-bit encryption), CrashPlan PROe also enables integration with your company's Active Directory to support LDAP integration and SSL.

The most flexible, reliable and secure backup solution for enterprises

Multi-Destination - The best backup solution offers onsite backup for fast restores and offsite backup for disaster recovery. Only CrashPlan PROe makes it easy to back up data to multiple locations to provide the highest level of availability, convenience and protection.

Intuitive - An easy-to-use desktop that's also easy on the eyes means end-users can restore their files without any training or assistance from IT. Highly flexible, fine-grained controls enable users to adjust backup settings themselves.

Cross-Platform - One solution across all operating systems means less time, less cost and fewer resources needed to purchase, learn, support and maintain your backup software. It also means that no computer, no department is unprotected.

Real-Time Reporting - CrashPlan PROe allows you to view backup status and statistics in real-time. No waiting for reports to run... you get live data as it happens rolled up for the entire enterprise, or easily drill-down to individual users and devices.

Data Balancing - Revolutionary balancing technology does the heavy lifting when it comes to managing enterprise backup. CrashPlan PROe automatically distributes available storage equally among your servers, saving you time, effort and headache.

Mobile Access - You don't have to wait to lose a file to appreciate the benefits of backing up with CrashPlan PROe. With the CrashPlan PROe mobile app, backed up files are available to download, view and share from your favorite device.


Automatic backup - CrashPlan remembers to back up for you

User-initiated restores - Restore quickly without technical expertise

Universal networking - Works over wireless, wired and cellular networks

Lock data encryptiong - Secures information before transmission

Cross-platform support - Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris

Self-managed, self-healing technology - Ensure files are always available for restore

Customizable reports and alerts - Monitor backup status and activity in real-time

Central management console - Enforce policies and manage data retention

Continuously encrypted data - Prevents unauthorized access

Data De-Duplication - Repeated information is not backed up



  • Bullet-proof backup
  • Maintenance Free
  • High security
  • Extreme performance
  • Guaranteed restore
  • Universal networking
  • Easy administration
  • Simple license key management
  • Cost efficient - lowest TCO
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Enterprise directory integration
  • Enterprise networking