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Secure, Fast, Easy-To-Use


SANGFOR provides high-speed, easy-to-use, highly secure and reliable SSL VPN products. Since SANGFOR rolled out its SSL VPN products in 2004, SANGFOR solutions have been widely applied by medium-sized and large enterprises in all sectors, including government, banking, telecommunications, energy and education. Over 70% of domestic enterprises that rank in the world’s top 500 have chosen SANGFOR SSL VPN solutions. Statistics from Frost & Sullivan and IDC show that, in 2008 and 2009, SANGFOR SSL VPN beat multiple domestic and overseas SSL VPN manufacturers to occupy the highest market share in Chinese SSL VPN market.


Easy Mobile Office
The SANGFOR SSL VPN can help you easily, safely and conveniently access the Intranet through mobile terminals such as laptops, PCs, intelligent phones and PDAs. Therefore, reduces costs and improves production efficiency.

Providing Third-party Remote Access
The SANGFOR SSL VPN provides a complete third-party remote access solution. This solution combines multiple acceleration technologies and carefully controls the access authorization of applications. Therefore, SANGFOR’s solution enables your third-party partners to quickly share resources and safely access applications under control.

Protecting the Intranet through Logical Isolation and Sectionalization
The SANGFOR SSL VPN provides a safe, reliable, cost-efficient, and flexible solution for network logical isolation. It employs multiple technologies, such as detailed permission classification, various authentication and security mechanisms, and client security inspection.

Reinforcing Security of the Key Business Information System
SANGFOR SSL VPN provides a complete solution to reinforce security of key business information systems. The solution provides a perfect identity authentication system and access protection. It also binds application access account of specified users by patented primary/secondary accounts to ensure that accounts are not falsely used or access permissions are not violated.

Preventing Illegal WLAN Access
SANGFOR SSL VPN provides a safe WLAN access solution for you. SSL VPN offers a uniform authentication of WLAN access, and strictly controls users to prevent information leakage and guarantee application security.


Less Bandwidth Needed

Compressing, which is commonly used in other solutions, is not enough to offer a high-speed SSL VPN connection. The Sangfor SSL VPN innovatively adopts byte cache technology to the SSL VPN sessions,effectively eliminates 30-90% of redundant traffic over the SSL VPN link and improves the access speed of remote users.





Streamlined Performance Under Harsh Connection Environment

In poor connection environments such as cross-border, cross-ISP connection, Wifi and 3G networks with packet loss or high latency, the access speed can be significantly lower than one would expect. Sangfor SSL VPN employs the HTP(High-speed Transfer Protocol) to streamline the access environment and minimize the negative impact of packet loss, latency, ensuring that end user is able to consistently enjoy a favorable connection experience.



Tablets, Mobile Devices Access Optimization

In order to tackle display and slow connection problems that tablets, mobile device users might encounter when accessing browser-based applications, Sangfor SSL VPN optimizes the page
display, and also provides various image optimization policies such as image filtering and image narrowing, to prevent the above mentioned problems and optimize mobile access.


Full Resource Utilization

In consideration of real-life deployment, Sangfor SSL VPN was also developed with Intelligent Link Selection and Resource Load Balancer. The Intelligent Link Selection automatically selects the optimal link for remote access when there are multiple lines, and the Resource Load Balancer assigns each access to an ideal server when the released applications are carried by multiple servers. By virtue of the exclusive acceleration technology of Sangfor SSL VPN, enterprises are able to provide users with a satisfied and efficient remote access experience that eventually improve the working productivity of remote workforce.


Deliver Application as On-Demand Service By Application Virtualization

With diversity of endpoints and business applications, IT people are always looking for a better remote access solution. That is, enterprise applications can be securely delivered to the remote workforce as on-demond service via a browser, with no limitation to the workspace, application type or available endpoints. The Sangfor SSL VPN Remote Application is the answer.


With the Remote Application, enterprise’s applications are virtualized, centralized, and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to those users in need. Since everything occurs within the virtual application servers, by all means users are virtually operating in the corporate network, avoiding any possibility of information leakage.


Fast Access From Tablets and Smart Phones

As enterprise applications are delivered to remote workforce as on-demand service, remote workforce now can freely access any released applications from any endpoints with a browser including the smart devices, no matter the applications are based on Windows, or in form of B/S, C/S.


Enterprise-Wide Application Virtualization

The remote application solution virtualizes the enterprises’ applications, improving portability, compatibility and manageability of corporates’ applications. It cuts down the maintenance cost since all applications operate and are managed in the central site. With the remarkably easy deployment and affordable price, enterprises are able to carry out the enterprise-wide application virtualization in a fast and cost-effective fashion.


Secure Desktop Through Local Virtualization

When application data is delivered to remote workforce, enterprise is bearing the risk of potential information leakage, since data can be out of control once leaves the corporates network. Application virtualization was the solution to prevent such risk, however, the great cost and changes to existing infrastructure may keep the IT managers away from it. Therefore, Sangfor SSL VPN Secure Desktop can be a favorable alternative choice as a light-weight virtualization solution in the endpoints.


The Secure Desktop is a protected workspace that achieves logical isolation from Internet and local resource. No data can be leaked out with the instant data encryption, peripherals control and “write” restrictions in the protected space. When exit the secure desktop, all access records and usage traces will be cleared, thus core business data can be protected in a better way. In addition to offering benefits to remote access criteria, with proper deployment in LAN environment, the Secure Desktop can also benefit enterprises as logical system/network quarantine solution in a convenient and cost-effective way.


Identity Security

Authentication: Enables up to eight types of authentication methods:
- Username / Password, LDAP, RADIUS, CA (Certification Authority).
- Certificate / USB key based authentication, Dynamic token, Hardware ID, SMS.
Account Binding: Bind SSL VPN user accounts to authorized applications accounts for account compliance and management.


Endpoint Security

Host Checker: Endpoint detection and scanning of operating system, registry file, personal firewall, anti-virus files, user-customized security rules and other security policies prior to user login, as well as during the SSL VPN session.

Cache Cleanup: Wipe off any cached data when the SSL VPN session terminates, avoiding data leakage if any remote users are accessing SSL VPN with any public endpoints.


Transmission Security

Tunnel encryption: SSL session encryption.
Dedicated SSL VPN Tunnel: provides flexibility to disconnect all other Internet connections but SSL VPN session, preventing intrusions or attacks from the Internet.
Man-in-the-middle Attack Detection: Detects and alerts if the endpoint is suffering “Man-in-the-middle” attack before it is connected to the internal network.


Resource Authorization Security

“User-Role-Resource” Association: Accurately and granularly assigns the resource to specifically defined users or roles, avoiding unauthorized usage of released applications.


Single Sign On

Sangfor SSL VPN simplifies the account / authentication by allowing administrators to do seamless combination with the LDAP / RADIUS servers and enabling SSO (single-sign-on) with the released


Flexible Deployment

Various deployment features are offered for consolidating into the existing IT infrastructure, with typical functions such as the Asymmetrical Cluster and Cluster Cloud. The asymmetrical cluster supports robust clustering of different hardware models for scalability. The Cluster Cloud assign the SSL VPN requests to the fastest and healthy appliance when the SSL VPNs are deployed into corporate’s multiple data centers that located in different locations.


Simplified User Administration

IT administrators are provided with management tools such as message broadcasting and bandwidth control. The message broadcasting enables administrators to broadcast warnings or
corporate’s notifications to the SSL VPN users. The bandwidth control allows to allocate the bandwidth with granularity for fair usage and avoidance of bandwidth congestion between the SSL VPN users. Furthermore, access logs are kept and management is able to export the data to
enterprises’ log servers by Syslog/SNMP.



The Sangfor SSL VPN was designed to deliver much more than a secure connectivity between remote users and the enterprise resource. The embedded acceleration technologies are differentiating Sangfor SSL VPN from other competing products in market, achieving 3-50 times
faster connection in comparison. The virtualization technologies streamline enterprise application availability in every ways including the application and endpoint compatibility, efficiency, manageability and security.

The best-in-class SSL VPN appliance is promised to deliver results for enterprise business with maximized value and lower TCO.


Recognition and Achievement