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NOPAM MailArchive

Designed for Mail Audit Compliance and Email Life Cycle Management




In the era of Cloud Computing and Big Data, enterprises often face the challenges of regulatory compliance and the burden of proof in litigation.  Nowadays, email plays a critical part in today business communication and information platform.  Purchase order, contract, design, technical, program, personal, operation, financial data are all very likely transmitted through email.  Email is indeed one of the most important source of knowledge assets.  In order to protect corporate intellectual property on email, NOPAM Mail Audit and Email Life Cycle Management System is a total solution composed of Mail Data Leak Protection (MDLP)/Mail Pre-Auditing - prevent data leak via email, and Mail Post-Auditing/Archiving - provide journal archive and search capability for audit.  It is a complete protection for enterprise knowledge assets.

NOPAM MailArchive is designed for email storage, archiving, management and e-Discovery. With NOPAM MailArchive technology, it provides efficient email indexing, archiving capabilities and email knowledge management. The NOPAM Audit Engine allows system administrators, auditors and supervisors to search and retrieve emails quickly by intuitive NOPAM Themis WebUI. NOPAM MailArchive also applies rules and policies to ensure secure email storage and regulation compliance.  It is a complete solution for enterprise to comply with local regulation and government authority e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  The integrated Email Life Cycle Management system applies mail retention policies for effective storage management.



Complete Email Achiving (Journal Archives)

  • Full archive of all incoming/outgoing/journal emails
  • Compatible with Exchange/Zimbra/Lotus Notes/SendMail/Postfix/Qmail
  • Support AD/LDAP, provides access control according to the system hierarchy

Integrity of Email Data

  • Prevent unauthorized tampering of email data
  • Ensure legal hold process

Indexing and Search Engine

  • NOPAM archive engine has efficient message indexing, compression and encryption mechanism
  • NOPAM integrated search engine provides efficient and high speed search capability with highly precise result
  • Contents of attachement are also included in index and search (TXT, RTF, PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, ZIP, RAR...etc.)
  • Support multi-languages including English, Traditional Chinese and Simplied Chinese.

Access Log Tracking

  • Complete log tracking for legal hold requirement
  • Access log, searching log, auditing log, analysis, report

Email Life Cycle Management (ELM)

  • NOPAM Policy Engine allows user to establish archive rules
  • Supports full-text searching on hierarchical storage
  • Online: local storage on NOPAM MailArchive for recent email data
  • Near-Line: Hierarchical storage such as SAN/NAS for old email data via NFS/SAMBA
  • Off-Line: Backup & store near-line data to off-line storage (FTP/Tape/DVD Archive)

Web Access

  • Provide a user friendly web UI for administration as well as user access
  • An user account is created automatically for each email user, who can access his/her own archive
  • Support IPv6


Benefits For System Administrator

  • Provides a complete archive mechanism for incoming, outgoing and internal emails
  • No longer take a time consuming process to locate missing or blocked emails
  • Complete access control to archived emails, grant different premissions to individual managers with complete access log.
  • Complete email life cycle management

Benefits for User

  • Email lost due to accidental deletion or local hard disk corruption can be retrieve easily through personal email archive
  • Make use of full-text archive search to locate the target email within a few seconds based on recipient, sender, subject, key word, date, and attachment such as ZIP, RAR, MS OFFICE, PDF format, etc
  • Allow retrieve, forward, or download target email

Benefits for Company

  • A complete journal archive for audit compliance and email data security measure
  • Protects enterprise knowledge assets
  • A complete email record can reduce any negative impact to operation as a result of employee resignation, company restructure, lawsuit, etc