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Improve Your Email Marketing & Increase Your Sales Today


i-Action Email Marketing Service is a fully managed service. We assist you to create mailing lists, manage your subscribers, send Newsletters, create follow-up autoresponder campaigns, handle bounce messages, track clicks, show statistics...



We have designed i-Action Email Marketing Service with the goal of simplifying email marketing while at the same time improving your email marketing effectiveness. Our goal has been achieved by allowing you to setup follow up email, tasks & actions based on subscriber actions.


Unlimited Lists & Subscribers - Manage multiple lists with any number of subscribers based on what plan you select.

Custom Subscriber Fields - We can add extra fields to your subscriber profile. You will then be able to filter your users based on these fields or include these fields in a Newsletter. You will also be able to import users with those fields and export the extra fields as well. This system should meet most of your needs and allow you to have personal registration form.List

Segmenting Create - list segments to send targeted campaigns to. You can create a segment for people in a certain age range and location.You can even create segments based on previous actions of a subscriber. Such as creating a segment for all subscribers who open a particular email in the past or forwarded a mailing to a friend. Then use these segments to send highly targeted campaigns.


longterm-contract-25  CREATING AND SENDING EMAILS

i-Action Email Marketing Service is a managed service. You simply send us the eDM in HTML format, our marketing professionals will do the rest.


Personalize Your Emails - Give your emails a personal touch by including subscriber information as part of the subject or message. This can include a subscribers name, email, date, etc… and so much more!

Send Newsletter to Multiple Lists - You can handle multiple lists of users and the same Newsletter can be sent to several lists at the same time. We will handle duplicates and user will not receive the same email twice.

Test Your Newsletter - We will send a test to any email address provided by client for proof reading before the real send process.

Automatic Link & Read Tracking - With each campaign our system will track links and reads/opens. Foresttek Email Marketing can automatically detect and track all the links in your mailing. A complete list of users who has open your newsletter or click a link will be provided.


market-analysis-25  REPORTING AND ANALYTICS

Comprehensive reporting and analytics are provided to help you analyze your contacts and your campaigns. Learn

more about your contacts and use that information to help improve your overall marketing.


eDM report

Read / Open Tracking - When this feature is turned on during a mailing you build statistics each time a user opens and reads your HTML or multi-format mailings. The statistics include who opened and read your mailing, at what date, and how many times.

Link Tracking - Link tracking lets you know who clicks on each link, how many times they clicked, and on what date.

Unsubscribes - You can include unsubscribe link in all your Newsletters to let your users unsubscribe your mailing list. The user will be then redirected to a page with three options as shown on the left. View who unsubscribed from a particular list.

Bounces - View a list of subscribers who resulted in a bounced email. You can view the type of bounce (soft/hard) along with the bounce reason that was returned.

Trend Reporting - With our opens by day trend report you can see what day of the week achieves the highest opens. By using this data you can find out the optimal day of the week to send future campaigns.