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A Data Centric Solution To Protect Your Sensitive Information Anywhere


TrustView Solution is a security platform designed to protect, share, store and control any sensitive data with the people within and outside the organization. The combined DLP / DRM (Digital Rights Management) patented technology ensures that data can be protected under the corporate security policy anytime anywhere.

TrustView Solution is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (RSA 1024 AES 256 Bit Base Encryption) to encrypt the security data. Through a flexible and centralized management of security policy, organization can easily govern the document rights including the action on printing, modifying, copying and reading time control to authorized parties.





  • Data is encrypted using an industry standard 256 cipher with a 2048-bit key
  • Individual files are protected by centralized access control and authentication
  • System supports the integration with Microsoft AD, PKI, fingerprint authentication etc. third party solution to maximize protection level of sensitive data

Authorization (Share, Access, Control)

  • Security policy can be enforced different access control , such as copy & paste, editing, save as copy, printing screen, screen capture etc. on individual user and departmental group,
  • Data can be shared securely with different parties via any methods, e.g USB drive, email, FTP, CD etc.
  • Dynamic authorization rule can be created and modified on each user based on the needs of data owner, e.g. data owner can prohibit the copy of file for specific user but open the full access right for others


  • A clear log history and audit trail shows every single activity undertaken on secured data.
  • A holistic picture of log activities is provided for organization to check who, where, when, how and what kind of secured information is being shared and used within and outside the organization.
  • Support a wide range of applications and 40+ file formats, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Auto-CAD, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator etc.
  • The Author Auto Cipher (AAC) supports auto-encryption function which enables organizations to govern the security policy at any time.
  • Apply patented Dynamic Policy Mapping (DPM) for flexible management on security policy, so that the data owner can control and remove document security rights at all times without interference on existing data.
  • Able to maintain the original file format during encryption through the patented technology, which can minimize the changes of user behavior in the deployment of solution.
  • Minimize the loss of security control by providing a flexible access on security data, e.g. an offline mode access control, if required.
  • Easy to track and trace the historical changes through the Audit Trail and Fully Secured logs.
  • Provide an API to work with other systems and programs, e.g. ERP, DMS, CMS, Workflow Solution etc.



  • AD Sync. Manager
    • Support SSO (Single Sign-On) after integration with company's AD Server.


  • File Server AutoCipher
    • For auto-encryption of files saved into destination folder / file system.
    • The AutoCipher module is based on the calculation of one AutoCipher per Operating System (OS). User requires to purchase 2 AutoCiphers for the auto. protection of 2 file systems with 2 OS respectively


  • Watermark Protection
    • Print user information (e.g. name) as a watermark on printing document
    Cold Stand-by TrustView Server
    • Enable a cold standby TrustView Server for the server recovery


  • Encrypted Document Recovery
    • Use for ad-hoc recovery of the encrypted document.
    • Mainly for the restore of encrypted document during the TrustView Database failover; User is able to open all encrypted documents no matter there's no backup of security data in TrustView Database.


  • High Availability Failover Engine
    • Support load balancing, hot standby and clustering between servers


  • Web External Access Security Control
    • Grant a certificate authentication for TrustView users to control the security of external access through web connection.
    • Enhance the security level by managing the external access of TrustView Server in DMS zone


  • File Decryption Workflow Engine
    • Govern user to decrypt file by workflow with different status, e.g. apply, notification, and approval on file decryption.


  • API Interface
    • Open COM & JAVA based API interface for further integration with 3rd party systems and applications.


  • RSA 1024 AES 256 Bit Base Encryption
  • Information Rights Management (Print Limitations, Screen Capture Protection, Time Sensitive etc)
  • Support application and file formats, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Auto-CAD, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator etc.
  • The Author Auto Cipher (AAC) supports auto-encryption function which support organizations to govern the security policy in anytime
  • Apply Dynamic Policy Mapping (DPM) for flexible management on security policy that ensures the owner of data can control security at all times without interference on existing data
  • Flexible access (offline mode available) if required but with no loss of security
  • Audit Trail / log - fully secured logs
  • API’s to work with other systems and programs
  • Secure sharing of files along with data rights management that is stored and governed in centralized server
  • Easily deploy which allows user to view and work on protected files with current applications