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Ensure Your Application is Always Availabile


SANGFOR Application Delivery (AD) solution enables its users to deliver applications quickly and stably, thereby significantly improving the access experience of their customers.

SANGFOR AD solution provides functions such as Link Load Balancing, Sever Load Balancing, and Business Intelligence (BI). Among these functions, BI is unique to the SANGFOR AD solution. The SANGFOR AD solution is also a tool to assist enterprises and institutions to make business decisions.


SANGFOR AD can assign optimal lines for user access requests, and can forward the access requests to the most appropriate application server, thereby ensuring quick and stable delivery of the services. Moreover, with the BI analysis function, SANGFOR AD helps the customers make business decisions and optimize networks, so that services can be delivered in an intelligent manner.

Balancing both link load and application load is critical for the retention of customers. It helps enterprises provide fast and stable application systems. Furthermore, the BI analysis tool can help the enterprises make business decisions by optimizing delivered applications. The AD solution ensures the stability and availability of an enterprise or institution's key applications. It also helps the enterprises and institutions understand the time distribution, geographical distribution, and access preference of the users. This allows these enterprises and institutions to adjust and optimize their networks, logistics, business processes, product design, business strategies, and other important business practices, so as to ensure a high customer satisfaction.


Link Load Balancing

  • Intelligent DNS resolution
  • Load balance arithmetic: polling, weighted poll, weighted minimum connections, static proximity, dynamic proximity
  • Link groups based on application, source IP address, destination IP address
  • HTTP redirection
  • ISP address customization
  • DNS transparent proxy, link congestion protection, enhanced link utilization, maximized QoE
  • Intelligent routing
  • Simultaneous link load-balancing in the inbound and outbound directions
  • Optimal link selection based on consideration of both static proximity and dynamic proximity
  • Link health checks, transparent transfer flow from a failed link to a normal link

Server Load Balancing

  • Limits new connections per second and concurrent server connections to avoid overloading
  • Adds or quits server groups smoothly; easy to manage
  • Checks server health based on SNMP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, HTTP, or as customized by the user
  • Implements a URL hash algorithm to raise the URL hit ratio of the cache server
  • Employs load balance arithmetic: polling, weighted poll, weighted minimum connections, URL hash, dynamic feedback, fastest response
  • Maintains sessions based on source IP address and cookies
  • Unilateral acceleration without client and plug-in
  • Supports SSL offload/acceleration

Business Intelligence Analysis

  • Bandwidth utilization (inbound & outbound)
  • Application distribution (inbound & outbound)
  • Link connection frequency
  • Service's access frequency
  • IP access frequency for different services
  • Outputs statistics for service access frequency based on time bucket, geographical area, and service source
  • Outputs the average response time of services
  • Provides user analysis based on time, geography and type
  • Outputs statistics for the service point and service point pool based on traffic, new connections per second and concurrent connections
  • Outputs the statistics of link and services based on stability
  • Generated reports in PDF format manually or automatically



 Benefits for Company

  • The Sangfor AD product series provides a comprehensive load-balancing to ensure network stability and usability, and server load-balancing to optimize server utilization.
  • Unilateral acceleration drive up application access in adverse network environment without any agent or plug-in.  SSL offload technology reduces the load of the servers to accelerate the response of servers.
  • Business Intelligence module provides valuable data to refine business processes, product design, and other development.
  • Link status monitoring enables you to precisely understand the load and health status of multiple links, and thus design future link deployment plans. Server load monitoring enables you to understand servers' loads and health states, and thus optimize server utilitzation strategies, server deployment methods, and server resource use.