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ZIMBRA HOSTING SERVICE zimbra logo 170x45

Extra Large Mail Box, Mobile Sync, and Collaboration 

We offer Zimbra Collaboration Suite hosted on our own secured VM cloud platform with HA and backup facilities.  Zimbra hosting service is a SaaS offering to businesses looking for cost effective alternative to Exchange.   Every business have different need and we have four service plans to meet your specific needs.  Features include large mail storage, dynamic webmail, shared contacts, calendars, tasks and online documents.  You could use Zimbra Desktop Client, which is free for download, to access your emails and documents.  Zimbra also support IMAP, POP3, SMTP, which in turn, allows use of many popular desktop clients including Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Desktop.

Road warriors can manage their email, calendar and contacts via ActiveSync enabled smart phones such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile.   Zimbra mobile for BlackBerry is also available with additional cost.

No hardware to configure, high quality filtering for spam and viruses as standard and no infrastructure costs.  Your enterprise grade email service is up and running within hours.



responsive-design-25 Support Multiple Desktop

Support standard protocols including SMTP, IMAP, POP and HTTP/S. Users can access their mail boxes with Outlook or other popular desktop client, e.g. Thuderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail.

web-design-service-25 Webmail Access

For staff in remote locations or on the road, web access to mail, calendar, tasks, and address by any standard JavaScriptTM technology-enabled Web browser (for example, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Safari ) through AJAZ Web 2.0 web mail client provides the same look and feel.  Full support for MIME and HTML message.

touchscreen-25 Push Mail and Mobile Sync

Email will be pushed to your mobile device immediately upon arrival.  Mobile sync enables over-the-air synchronization support for multiple devices including iPhone, Android, and Windows device.

service-package-25 5GB Large Mail Box

No more hassle to delete emails because of insufficient storage.  5GB for each mail box can hold up many years of email.  Additional storage can be provided upon request.

file-sharing-25 50MB Extra Large Email Attachment

No more hesitation to send photos, drawings, videos, and other large files through email.  No need to set up a separate FTP server for large file transfer.

authorship-25 Public Address Book

You can easily find out users' information from shared address book.

web-guard-25 Virus and Spam Protection

Purpose-built anti-virus and anti-spam engines to provide protection against email borne virus and ever growing spam traffic.  It features multiple layer virus scanning and personal spam mail filter.

translation-25 Multiple Languages

Support more than 20 languages.

seo-whitehat-25 Email Monitor

Capture all in/out emails and file in respective user folder created automatically by the system. 

web-security-25 Secure Connection

Supports SSL connection to ensure data transmitted between users and our servers are encrypted and kept away from prying eyes.  Server side TLS on SMTP connection protects your sensitive email during transmission on Internet.

pagerank-checker-25 High Availability & 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

Built on VMware cloud platform with high availability and redundancy.  You can count on us to keep your business continuous running without interruption.

customer-service-25 7 x 24 Support

Telephone and email support around the clock.